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Learn how I can help you realize your garden dreams

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Landscape and Garden Design

Share with me your vision and I will create a design to meet your needs. You will get a computer developed design at scale, of your property. It will show each plant at mature size. I will first provide two concept drawings that we will hone into a final design. You will own this design to have the landscaper of your choice to install. I may be able to work with you to have the design installed. This option is determined on a case by case basis.

This includes:

  • Color photos of plants, names and varieties

  • A care guide tailored to your property with consideration of companion plants

  • A seasonal interest chart showing features such as flowers, bark and foliage and how they change over the seasons



What is your dream for your property? Share your vision with me and take the first steps to realize your dreams.

The first step of any successful garden design is a review of your site and current plant material. Your consultation will provide you with an overview of plants you have on your property and some general ideas of what could be changed or added. Provided in a full three-hour morning visit, you will have an understanding of your current plant situation and landscape potential.

Grab a pad of paper because you will learn:

  • Plants currently growing on your property

  • Plants that could/should be added

  • Plants that could/should be removed

  • The design potential given the location, position, light and other environmental factors


Container Design and Planting

Whether seasonally, for one occasion or event, I can create a stunning container designs that will thrill you and your visitors

  • I can plant your container or procure one for you to keep

  • I provide watering and care instructions


See images for some of the containers I have created


Partner Gardening - Learn How To Care For Your Plants

Would you like an experienced landscape and garden designer to work with you in your garden so you can learn how to nurture and grow your plants? A beautiful sanctuary, a charming view or a restful green space? Let’s develop it together


  • How to care for plants you have

  • Which plants to add and how to care for them

  • Container Gardening


Supplementary Graphics

Would you like to see the proposed design or concepts in a rendering? I create plan, section or landscape fomate 

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